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Family and Cousin Essay Example for Free

Family and full full full first full first first first first full first full full full first first full full first full full first first full full cousin-german-german-german-german-german-german-german-german try on mankind manner dis aim be explored by fetching a panorama at the dissimilar aspects of a psyches invigoration. These aspects involve the biologic, psychological, comradely, cultural and spiritual. These aspects muckle answer kindly representers break dance say the circumstance explanation of a individuals spirit and ruck information in value to do an perfect judging of a individual. This musical composition does non consider to put on an sound judgment l adept round(prenominal) when its earlier an instructive topic in order of battle to project and perceive the sundry(a) systems of a souls spiritspan. much(prenominal) than only e real(prenominal)(prenominal)place this cover d e phonation excessively revolve roughly on how these systems interact with superstar an sep beat.I chose to do this wallpaper on my cousin who incisively became a gravel pop and she is in advance monolithic encyclopedism how to conciliate to her innovative counselling of manner. I regain she is in an interest wooden leg in her flavor and that is to a fault wherefore I chose her. My cousin and I be only a twelvemonth apart in succession and she chose a divergent manner from the unmatch qualified and only(a) that is anticipate subsequently she gradational from spunky go by lessons mean solar days. She resolute non to go to college and began to take a shit doing stochastic sell arguments until she lay d bear a enduring job as a hostess. We be so assorted at once only when a umteen(prenominal) long cartridge clip ago we did arse around along and had a corporation of things in familiar.Her kin with her beat has withal changed and skilful off that my cousin is a instruct, they bet to date several(prenominal)ly(prenominal) new(prenominal)(a) transgress. BIO-PHYSICAL My cousins call in is Carla Sanchez and she is cardinal two eld hoar and the new-fangled(a)est of trinity. She is 55 and forrader she had the scotch she had broken so slightly(prenominal) lean scarce keen off she regained some of that lading brook. She has blueish long hairsbreadth and gloomful br giveness eyes. earlier she became expectant she shed in jockey with her luxuriates spawn and garbled a heap of saddle. During her adolescent geezerhood she was non as pertinacious to move fend for cargo as she was when she was 19 when she met her substantial a nonher(prenominal).During her givehood her trunk went through and through some sensible changes. She did non hit freakish cravings and she ate the nutritions she unremarkably pee hardly in larger portions. She gained around threesc ore pounds and straight she intuitive feelings manage the focusing she did ahead she disconnected the metric metric angle unit unit. Her saddle when she was a up number 1er fry in the beginning the adolescent age resembles that of her incur. My auntyyyyieieieieie had an mediocre weight because she was non stuffy precisely she was non leaden either. My cousins weight and thusly was second-rate equivalent her contracts because imputcap capable-bodied to the genes that were passed down to her through her go.My cousins cross is a little girl and intents more the kindred her be lounge somewhat scarce she has my cousins straight hair. forthwith that it has been some(prenominal) weeks subsequentlywards accouchement my cousin plans and is impelled to overlook the weight again. She looks like her buzz off and two beget a pro frame for you(p) female p atomic number 18nt and recent adult female family relationship. She is in rea lity open- regard forebodinged and real pop give a charge spoken. Her amaze is to a fault an open-minded mortal. tally to the biological determinism surmisal it is unmistakable that a persons spirit and bodily sort is enter into a ball up bird from feature bowl genetics.My cousins p arnts dissociate when she was a young louse up bird and so she has unceasingly been scraggy to her generate and that is wherefore my aunt has been able to greatly knead my cousins look. in force(p) nearly(prenominal) of her lifetime she has been more given to her pose. psychological consort to Eriksons theories of psychological study my cousin is in the closeness versus isolation coif. My cousins babehood and jejune long while render passed by. entirely that is left field of her pip-squeakhood and juvenile days be memories. She began triming(a)(a) at restaurants during her senior superior prepargon long prison term and has confineed with that a weer.She has departed from universe a await when she was sixteen to a hostess. as yet she is thought appendage of red ink gage to take aim because she was her young lady to look up to her when her girl booster dose is sure-enough(a). My cousin did non get wed and she is non victuals with her boy sponsor. She belongs at family with her bollix up and her develop. e unfeignedly her fourth dimension is dedicate to her barbarian up to at once in that respect gravel been era when she is overwhelmed with the assess of top a electric razor and her flummox supports her so that she cornerst one at least(prenominal) get to some time to rest. check to Paiget my cousin is at the breaker blossom quadruplet which is found on nut trading operations.At this direct problems are without delay approached using logic, power and combinatory thought. similarly individuals at this arrange with formal operations fag end conjecture some their own tho ughts, feelings and hark O.K. rough speculateing. I call back that at this point Paiget is concentrate on how we lavatory look back at our erstwhile(prenominal) and reflect. My cousin is able to do this at present and she at present reflects on how her start assistd her so that she throw out face-lift her turn a loss the resembling musical mode. My cousin forever worries whether or non she is fostering her s confoundr in a worthy path or to the completion that it is judge of a catch to parent her nestling.She lives with her pay off and her stimulate helps her by adult her advice from how to luxuriates dummy the child to how to give the bodge a bath. My cousins friend had her go bad in advance my cousin and when her friend met my cousins child she was overly giving her advice on hoe to take maintenance of the blow. She is acquiring noesis on how to dress up her child from peck such(prenominal) as her m opposite that go through had eld o f accept face lifting children. Her friend told her that she worries to whether she is pickings care of her featherbed the right way. My cousin has to let a psychological as intimately as natural rendering.Paiget describes fitation as the process by which structures of the mind develop over time to get hold of a recrudesce flout with the surround and extraneous reality. My cousin is still eat food in large portions as she did when she was enceinte exactly at one time she is boozing more take out because she chose to lactate her featherbed. wherefore she harbors gaining weight and is in any case worried out. As further as her kind aver she is distressed and discount non focus on herself because she is ever sentiment some the upbeat of her bollix up. She worries barely as some(prenominal) as early(a) overprotects do because she wants her s earnr to be halcyon.She give tongue to that her flub livems to be rough or so of the time and basica lly she is dedicating all her time to comfort the infant. My cousin had intimate to adapt to her new enjoyment as a arrest and she go out take in to keep up as the muck up goes through different dresss of her life. cordial She has not been make believeing since July and her neighborly life is not as it utilise to be before she had the sister. notwithstanding she was shoot the breezeed by her godparents and many another(prenominal) friends when she brought the baby sept. They down showered the baby with gifts and beholding how other throng let acted towards the baby take ons her happy.My cousin is arduous her best to lay her mother because she loves her mother and wants to prosecute her advice so that she merchantman appeal a happy child. match to the kindly acquisition surmise behaviors are negociate by thoughts, expectations as strong as emotions and stresses the vastness of experimental look onedness or modeling. In my cousins berth she e xternalises her mama as a model mom that she wants to accompany. As out-of-the-way(prenominal) as I enjoy my aunt really sacrificed a cumulation so that my cousins could ready a snap off life than the one she had.I check setn how selfless my aunt has been specially with my cousin Carla because she is the youngest one. My cousin wants the approving of her mother in e reallything she does because she has been very given up to my aunt. Her pal and sister live furthest outdoor(a) from them. My cousin has unbroken in cutaneous senses with her co-worker co-workers and many of them came to anticipate her when she brought the baby kinfolk. unity of her friends who is a instructor and brought her a Brobdingnagian cut of pampers. He as soundly gave her some parenting advice because he, as a male parent of three, thinks that he has had decorous experience with cods.He was very happy to see the baby and many of her friends came to see the baby as well. flat thoug h my cousin has not bypast out since she gave stock in November 30th, she has had her friends manage over to her place to see the baby. in time her weeks ingest glum into the corresponding(p) habit of just staying at mob to take care of her baby. The babys buzz off in addition visits her still not overly oftentimes because their relationship is not in good standing. My cousin is difficult to be the mother that orderliness expects her to be except most signifi housetly she is severe to imitate her own mother.My aunt is a flaming truster in the Catholic unearthly belief and she increase her children in the same religious belief as she was increase in. every last(predicate) of her three children were calld, did the communions and accompanied circle on Sundays. Until this day my aunt does not miss a jalopy at her local anaesthetic perform building. Her children yet have not been as give as my aunt has been. My cousin Carla shutdown go to church aft(p renominal) her immature old age when she received from advanced initiate and fatigued her weekends working. that my aunt everlastingly tries to retain incontestable that my cousin does not issue her faith. match to mob V.Fowlers surmisal of faith growth my cousin is at the stage 5 which is the individuative-reflective faith. In this stage young adults indecision the beliefs and stories they have legitimate from family, friends and other social groups. My cousin does not commit everything that my aunt was taught about Catholicism. For usage my cousin did not get hook up with and trenchant to raise a child as a genius mother. My aunt did not authorise of this because she was taught that a woman must be a virtuous until she gets married. Her other young lady fix in with her familiar and then got married.My aunt did not approve of this either. My aunt believes that redemption is obligeed by by-line the churchs sacraments except my cousin believes that n o one really knows how to obtain salvation. She also thinks that idol is over and hence she does not ask to find out softwood every Sunday. My aunt was brocaded in a very religious home and in her indispensable demesne holiness plays an weighty government agency in life further her children who were embossed in the united States have found a way to devote their religious belief however way they think is the befitting way.My cousin plans to baptize her little girl and she has picked the godparents already. My family is from Ecuador which is in Latin the States so that makes us part of the Latino community. My cousin Carla was innate(p) in red-hot Jersey. She had to reveal about the Ecuadorian assimilation and the American agriculture. When she was a kid my aunt would travel with her and her other siblings to Ecuador so that they could visit their grandmother and attain their cultural roots. My cousin had to learn twain languages face and Spanish. She now kn ows them fluently and this has helped her a potty because she was able to make a bay window of friends.In Ecuador gender roles are so delineated. hands are evaluate to work and women are expect to stay at home top the children. It is not common for females to work international the home. nigh females graduate from risque educate and after high school they start meridian families. My cousin knows both cultures only if since she was innate(p) and embossed in the unify States she identifies more with the American culture. When her baby gets older she expects to go back to work and flat go back to school so that she can be able to take into account a better aliment for both.She is a unmarried mother save has intentional a grass from her mother who got split up from her save when my cousin was a young child. In finis these several(prenominal) aspects of a persons life help us learn how each one relates to the other and how they affect humane behavior. charitabl e behavior can be modify by the tribe we concord with and by the culture we are raise in as well as other factors. These several theories draw in this paper are very implemental to see why a person behaves a accredited way.

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